"The Lighter Side of BDSM"

The Zen of BDSM

So many people are drawn to BDSM, including you.  Why?  

DomMasterJames suggests that life has surpassed our ability to slow, stop or even pause.  Who doesn't want to escape; who doesn't want to find a way to a place to even just re-group.

The quest to be in the moment; to be "zen like" is ancient.  There have been ideas, attempts, efforts, iterations and movements to find this elusive space; most recently in and around the guidance of Mindfulness. 

DomMasterJames can show you how learning the ability to submit, totally, to a trusted teacher or loving partner can be the greatest of escapes into that "moment of presentness".  This is not about the clumsy self-taught process of homespun bdsm.  This is about you being intellectually guided to reach what DomMasterJames coins "Supreme Submission", where you, your mind and body are actually now with someone else; in the truly last bastion of Zen.  Leaving you; in the moment. 

Imagine, actually letting everything go; to be all in; to allow yourself, for perhaps the very first time in your life to relish total giving; to being totally controlled.  Just the thought of this; gives you momentary peace.  Living it gives you your life back. 

The Zen of BDSM is not about anything other than the subtle collision of trust and relinquishment.  

Let DomMasterJames show you and or your partner how.