"The Lighter Side of BDSM"

BDSM Fundamentals

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We offer a variety of instructional training and private coaching sessions for groups, couples and individuals.  One of our most popular sessions is BDSM Fundamentals. 

BDSM Training for Newbies 

  • How to conduct yourself at a BDSM meeting, munch or training session. 

BDSM and Safety 

  • The firewall between abuse and BDSM. 

  • Surfing safely on online lifestyle dating sites. 

  • Insights from insiders. 


BDSM and You: 

  • How long have you had lifestyle feelings? 

  • Are your feelings universal? 

  • Are your interests normal? 

  • What was your pivot point? 

  • What specifically brought you here to DomMasterJames? 


BDSM Lifestyles:  

  • A little more history on BDSM. 

  • Proceeding safely into the lifestyle.  

  • What are the specific differences between light and heavy“BDSM play”? 

  • A clarifying discussion of the often misrepresented meaning of being “owned” or “collared”? 


BDSM Sapiosexuality: 

  • Learning a bit more about the intellectual eroticism often associated with the BDSM lifestyle. 


BDSM Relationships: 

  • Can you have a vanilla/lifestyle relationship?  

  • How do you bridge the subject with my current vanilla partner? 
  • What are some good questions to ask a potential Dominant or submissive? 

  • How to delineate a real Dominant or submissive from someone just acting like one? 

  • Building trust; finding security and moving forward. 


BDSM Communication:  

  • How best to have open and honest discussions around expectations and role definitions. 

  • Addressing your partner in and out of scene play. 

  • Maximizing effective non-verbal communication. 


BDSM Agreements and contracts: 

  • What are and what is the purpose of “contracts”? 

  • Learning more about agreements, consent and contracts. 

  • Simple agreement on the fundamentals. 

  • Boundaries. 

  • Safe words. 


BDSM Basic Training: 

  • Preparing yourself as a Dominant or submissive. 

  • Presenting yourself as a Dominant or submissive. 

  • Understanding the difference between “natural “and “escape” subsmissives. 
  • The proper posture, eye contact and demeanor when “in position”as a submissive. 

  • Obedience. 

  • Servitude. 

  • When to push boundaries. 


A Quick Review of BDSM Props: 

Please know the following list does not all fall into “the lighter side of BDSM”. It is only intended to keep our members well informed. 

  • Blindfolds 

  • Caging  

  • Canes 

  • Chains 

  • Clamps 

  • Crops 

  • Cuffs 

  • Dildos  

  • Electricity 

  • Flogs 

  • Hoods 

  • Knives 

  • Leather gloves 
  • Needles 

  • Restraints  

  • Ropes 

  • Spreaders  

  • St. Andrews Cross 

  • Taping  

  • Wartenberg wheel 


BDSM Scene Play Preparation: 

  • Why scene play is so important? 

  • Exploring dress, demeanor and settings for scene play. 

  • Applying boundaries, limits, hard stops and safe words.  


BDSM Scene Play: 

  • Learning how to properly enter, participate and exit scene play.  

  • The essential nature of being “all in” and not breaking scene play. 

  • Typical role definitions. 

  • The fundamentals of commands, responses and limits.  


BDSM Scene Debriefs: 

  • Understanding the immense value of post play debriefs. 

  • Contributing effectively to these important discussions. 

  • Moving forward. 


BDSM Aftercare 

  • What is it? 

  • What to expect? 

  • Does aftercare always follow event and or  scene play? 


Next steps: 

  • Proceed or off ramp? 

  • Bridging the subject with your vanilla partner. 

  • Finding a partner in the lifestyle.  

  • Coming back for more. 


We hope you found this course description helpful and that you could relate to several of the discussion areas presented. 


Again this course, BDSM fundamentals, continues to be our most requested and highly attended BDSM seminar.  Feel free to comment and offer suggestions on topics that would be most helpful to you and we will do our best to include them here or in a related training session.  



Kind Regards 


The DomMasterJames Membership Team